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Placenta Encapsulation Services


Your placenta – a unique organ that is bio-specific to you and your babe. A placenta passes oxygen and nutrients through the umbilical cord.  Once delivered it can be processed to nourish you!  A truly holistic approach to help with postpartum recovery.

A growing number of women are looking to placenta encapsulation for its potential benefits:  a natural way to balance hormones after giving birth, avoid postpartum depression, increasing energy levels, and to promote lactation.

Placenta Encapsulation Methods

The steamed method is inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine. Your placenta is gently steamed with sliced ginger, dehydrated, ground to a powder form and put into capsules of your choice.
With the raw method the placenta is dehydrated, ground into powder form and put into capsules of your choice. This does produce a higher yield of placenta pills, as it is not steamed.
An additional option of half-steamed and half-raw is available too!

Choice of capsules – unflavored vegetarian and berry flavored
Average yield of placenta encapsulation is 80 – 150 capsules (depending on placenta size and encapsulation method)

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Placenta Add-ons

Placenta Tincture Is a great option for continued benefits once capsules are finished.  To help with energy, stress levels, to balance hormones returning menstrual cycle, and menopause The tincture is made with a thumbnail sized piece of your raw placenta and 100+ proof vodka.  It is ready to use once it has aged for 6 weeks.   When properly stored it can last indefinitely.

Placenta salve is another holistic option with many uses, can be used 3-7 days postpartum for hemorrhoids, perennial tearing, burns diaper rash, eczema, sun burns ,scraps and skin irritations For cesarean birth once the incision is healed to help with scarring, itching and discomfort.   I use all organic ingredients and infuse my oils with lavender flowers.

Placenta smoothies are made with a small piece of raw placenta and blended with organic fruits and coconut milk.  Prepared for you at time of capsule drop off.

*Prints and cord keepsakes free with encapsulation purchase. Check out prints on our Instagram. High quality art paper used for both natural print and hand-mixed plant based food colorant. Sprayed with sealant to protect quality. Cord keepsakes are made into a heart, spiral or “love” design and dehydrated.  

placenta encapsulation
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“Services were excellent! Placenta was picked up & returned quickly. I believe the consumption of my placenta helped with my quick recovery from a 32hr vaginal labor of a 9 pound baby. The keepsakes are heart warming. Two personal placenta prints, & the umbilical cord dried out is very creative.”

~ Jaleesa

“Earthside birth services is amazing! Even though we only used their encapsulation service Renee was so helpful with any questions I had! She was at the hospital within the hour of giving birth and was so informational and down to earth during our every encounter.”

~ Priscilla

Placenta Research and Studies

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***The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated these statements. This service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Families who choose to utilize these services take full responsibility for their own health and for researching and utilizing placenta

“Nearly every new mother has the opportunity 
to experience a great postpartum by using one 
simple resource: the placenta.”

– Jennifer West

Author of
 The Natural Healing Power of the Placenta

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